We ensure that your entertainment is just the way you want it to be, with that in mind we have designed several disco packages that we believe will meet both your entertainment needs and your budget.

However, any package can be modified or extended should you have a specific requirement, please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Please note prices for wedding events do not reflect the pricing of birthdays or other parties. This is due to the complexities and logicistics of a wedding which incorporates many factors, i.e. meetings, decor, attire and the additional time to work around seating and speeches etc.

If you are unsure about any of the equipment detailed in these packages then please call and we will happily talk through your requirements.

Base Package  
Our base package is the minimum we believe you will need to have a Disco, all our other setups are built up from this package.
Suitable for small venues hosting no greater than 80 guests for up to 5 hours of playing time with 1 hour set up time.

Example: Set up at 6pm for a start at 7pm and ending at 12 midnight.

Light Fantastic  

This package includes the same audio setup as our base package however the lighting rig is larger taking on a bigger feel to the event.
Suitable for larger venues, this set up will bring the audience into the party mood of up to 5 hours playing time with a 1.5 hour set up time.

Example: Set up at 5.30pm for a start at 7pm and ending at 12 midnight.

Ultimate Package  

This package is the largest we do, sound system is doubled for much larger venues either to incorporate the larger space and more "oomph" to the evening or to provide a more subtle 4 corner dance floor enclosure* so the guests dancing have the best sound leaving the other guests to enjoy a chat and observe from a distance.
(certain dance floor shapes and positions may prevent 4 corner speaker placement, in which case we will position them in the most suitable area possible)

Lighting is now even more sophisticated and DMX controlled with uplighters around the venue to match your colour theme, we use LED flame effects and mid air lighting effects that can be controlled for a professional look.

Suitable for larger venues where the "Wow factor" and professional look are required.
Up to 5 hours playing time with a varied set up time depending on venue shape and size.

Example: Set up will require a survey or detailed explanation of space available for a start at 7pm and ending at 12 midnight.

Prices for the ultimate package vary due to the amount of variables, for the most accurate quote please complete our contact form so we can discuss your requirement further as the set up time may involve us getting to the venue in the morning to prepare as to not to be in the way for the rest of your special day.

* Setup for all of the above packages can be completed earlier in the day so as to not interrupt your day. If this is a requirement please let us know.

* All prices are inclusive of VAT.